From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Why am i missing every single person leaving this game?
Cmon Gross…not you too?


can i join yours sir? i have plenty of tokens to buy many premium packs, but i dont have several good items right now, because i need more progress to do to make my primary mech owning the game. Here is my mech :slight_smile:

  1. Phy Mech with 1200 Hp ( 2 Mercy, 2 Spartan Carnage in hand)
  2. Heat Mech with 1350 Hp ( 4 Lava Blast, 1 Hysteria in hand)
    so what’s that enough or i need to join another clan?


Nooooopeeeeee… No no


He don’t leave game.


Oh thank godness.


I don’t like “stars”…stars are so bored. I like people who want funny and progress, as you.


If i’m like rank 3.
You will accsept my invite…right?


Boss decides. Me don’t. But we are 24 now…


I thought Wep was Reign Reforged?
Sorry, it’s been weeks since I have not played this game.


Tell him that please.
Thank you.


When someone left clan…


Is that what he said?
Tell him that i thanked him.


i still remember it from 2016-2017, good times.


hi all, i need players, no matter rank but good active


Rank does matter bro.

I’m sure there are high-ranks wanting to join llyl.


Be serious. What rank you looking for… And how active. I only do 5 wining battles a day.


i can join


max rank 1 or 2 and 3

5 battles not enough


ok cool. Not joining.


I do 6 battles a day, can I join :question: