From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


What ? I have NO words :frowning:


Gros I hope this is a joke!
I will be sad without you!
Thanks for the game!!!

It’s never too late to return!


It is unfortunate that you are leaving us. You were my first GOAT battle and the leader of my dream clan. Hope you enjoy your break from Supermechs. :blush:


Our boss stays !!! :grinning:

But we have to help him a little more … :smiling_imp:


Hi littlelost your lost clan.
I am new to forum but not ingame but i want to learn tricks ingame from the Legends of old supermechs.
Your guys inspired me and right now i fight very large guys and know there weakness quickly.
I always watched you guys battle replays.
But i still haven’ learnt much so i want to know more tricks from The legends.



My recognition to @grosboss, because of how fast you are in solving matters.

And I should extend my thanks to the top clans that take away us the problem players from above. No return clause, pls.!


I apply myself as new leader of LLYL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

jokes aside…
Much respect for you grosbite, always honest and great fighter. Another piece of story of this game is leaving this game. Good luck! (if you stay, see you in arena :slight_smile: )


He´s really very executive to solve things. While we discuss which is the best solution, he goes and solves it immediately.

Really is a great leader. He always tells us “I’m going on vacation,” but he’s there when the clan needs him.


i will like to join the clan


Who are u on the game?


my name on the game is iiHexagonPower


Littlelostyourlost is the worse clan ever. I hate it. Why the heck is it name that. :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu: Littlelost…

I’m just messing. lol. Just trying to get some attention. I’m surprised it still exist. I been on since I started playing years ago. I always wondered why that title. Is it a movie or what. :slight_smile:


What a mysterious name! But I really think that I never met you in pvp.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come back for a long time, but I think it’s not you.


it is the broken english and bad grammar of the founder of the clan…imo


I understand that the founder’s IGN was littlelost. Maybe in his poor English, he meant it as that he lost very little or something. Or, maybe he was a little lost with the concept of the game.

Then clan name was Little Lost Your Lost in the understanding that:

A) Littlelost is lost, as in nowhere to be found (maybe he quit the game).
B) Was supposed to be Little Lost You’ve Lost. Meaning Littlelost lost his clan, or lost altogether in battle and game.

My best guesses.

Either way, Little Lost has Lost, and Little Lost is Lost. And, Little Lost Lose (in game and their minds), so quite an apt clan name.


@Mr.E…now brace for the sh.itstorm… :rofl:
retribution is coming…:rofl:


I’d like to join LLYL please, or even Reign!
(But I know both clans will decline me because of full space and me being an amateur Rank 4-3.)

HTK though, not so much because dO yOu sEe tHeSe mEcHs i hAvE?/?/?


what mechs do you have?


Ehh? Wait, really?

Actually no I’ll decline myself, I can’t reach Rank 2 yet, knowing there’s a specific someone you’ll kick out.


Is Gros leaving the game?