From the clan "Littlelost your lost"



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thank you generous word, it’s nice !



I have to go to work now, but I don´t want to leave this forum without telling you something before …

If you look at the leaders of top clans, you will see that no one has been favored, Lannister was not favored, Happy Poppers isn´t either … perhaps because the function of leader is to collaborate in another way. None of the leaders are great winners, but they are all very important points of support, they are all like columns that keep the clan functioning, and you are. You´ve made the clan work, you have achieved that third place of which we are all proud.

Maybe that costs your personal sacrifice. Leave the task of getting points to us. Let us do the dirty work. And you play just to have fun, no matter if you have or haven´t. As a leader your mission is far beyond ours, it´s above our personal interests. You do a great job! We don´t need a winner, we already have a few, we need a leader like you and of that there is only one: You.

Take a break if you need it, but come back. You really are very important to the whole clan.

Bye bye!


That was a great comitment Wep… For a nonetheless great comitment Gros made to the clan, and probably to the game…


I know. But it is the stigma of leaders after the update, it seems that none can get good items. Maybe because his mission is to obtain good groups of players and not good items or win many battles.


I say, you call Oscar Tabarez and make sure that France wins friday (already quite sure :sunglasses:).
That would cheer up @grosboss


See the Master !! He walks with a cane, he can barely walk! But see the team led! And all people loves him!


Ill have to admit. When i see the man on tv i want to give him a hug.

Ps: Uruguay will still loose ;)… allllllllllllllleeeeeezzzz les bleuuuuuuuux


As someone said here Uruguay is a Dark Horse that always seems to have an Ace under his sleeve.

Brazil casts spells when it has to play against Uruguay!


How is Cavani? Its impossible to find relevant info regarding his injury… Without him itd be very very tough…


Until yesterday it was not known if he plays. So said Suarez.


And remember @grosboss , that 6 years have not been in vain. You have reached the highest you can reach (at this game), which most players can only dream of, to be the leader of a TOP clan.


I m sad to read that…you will be missed,you are a great clan boss,and a great friend,nobody could ever take your place…please come back as soon as you can

I want to thank you for everything,for believing in me,for giving me a chance to learn from great wariors and to show what i can do

You will always be my nakama
Straw hat down…

Take care of yourself,i wish you good luck,and a happy life

nakama=The Japanese term for friend(s), buddy(ies), crew (for non one piece fans)


I’m sure he will not leave!

If he wants to go, we will pull him and bring him back.

He knows that he has our full support and help if he needs it.

If he need to take a couple of weeks, then do it! We will only be here waiting.


Wepa is right about this
I was the weakest in my clan when I was leader, always. And that didnt cost the clan gold medals and being sucessful in general :slight_smile: So @grosboss , I vote you stay :slight_smile:
If my vote even means something lol


I know that all boss wins less and also player long date

pause yes but come back I have no answer as
it depends on game
without legendre, will be collapsed

Of course ,I’m not going to htk, reign.
I’m gonna think about it.OK


I don t care about medals,yes grosbite is a great warior,but first,he is a great person with an amazing character,i will respect him no matter what

Stay with us mate,we gonna stay togheter no matter what,good or bad.


Think about it. You’re free. But I believe that your place is here, with us.

(Maybe your account needs to be reviewed. Everything has a solution)


if nobody wants boss?, bah I stay


Do you really think that we gonna leave you just for taking your place as llyl boss?

Hell no,nobody can take your place mate