From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


By the Horns of Amun!! Did you kill Alex? And what time did the murder happen? Because I would swear that I saw him alive and kicking in the chat today …


destroyed in the game.


What´s your nickname in the game? Are join with a clan?


alex 2004? hmm…if its him i beat him most of the time :slight_smile:


master killer. is my nickname


congrats :v xD :venezuela:


Hi friends,difficult to announce.
I must boss change
it’s hard to say I have to leave clan
I have tears in my eyes ,i love clan lyll and friends
I have to take a big break or … and I do not know for now
I play + 6 years regular active and 5 year clan LYLL
problem legendary believe me and I tried everything
to get,I am tired for nothing
who wants to become future boss?
I am here for help.
waiting i’m resting
.thank you lyll team.
best regards, grosboss


Another legend is on the verge of going…
Pffff Gros, dont be all dark… your bois and gurls in LLyL are there for that too. Go get your shot of love. @El_Metre, @Wepwawet, @Nagibator, @rrr, Gros needs love


I would do it :exclamation:



Sad to read this, but I understand you. Hope you come back soon, we wont forget you :slight_smile:


I am sorry to hear,@Grosboss.
You’ve been a legendary player and a great leader and character.
We won’t forget you,man.
Take care!


Take a rest and come again. We need you.


I prefer to cut my left hand than play at the same clan as you.


Easy there- dont start shit now



I want to join Littlelost your Lost :exclamation:

I was always a huge fan :exclamation:

Please give me a spot :exclamation:




I’m also a Llyl fan,but they won’t accept me.


I will miss you , grossboss! Great leader like a Lannister :wink:

offtopic : HappyPoppers , dont leave


Lord gordon has already found a good members of llyl who could be leader that top clan.


They need @Lannister manage their clan to get top 1 clan again.
Pls come back @Lannister