From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


I need clan … valhallaaaaaaa!!! Open the door lyl


Lol it seems that you need a clan but fast xD


hello everyone, ok open doors change players

hi max, we’ll see after I need your id can I see you


I would like to recruit here is a list of players:

Comic_ Guitar - monster - haze42o5

doge - Pico - fuckter

11_11 - cilius - elacecin

rustbucket01 - powtaito - Urodelus

Gojir A - montelemon - deMACZETA

  •     many other


All good solid and nice players.


Take ALL :exclamation:



Salut …Okey amigo … no problem


what is the minimum rank to get join to clan minimum daily wins miths needs to join and items hard to get example myth plate levels of shop?


hello Josemanuel_Tarazonag

rank 1 or 2, I need your ID or name player, can I see you

reward is 100,000 sm and box clan


i dont want to join my maximum rank to get is 3 for the moment and i’m master killer


Just tag @grosboss. Hes a very good guy. If deserved and spot available, hell smoothen it


hello Jenishrunner, I do not see your ranking and active regular I have no answer for now


I want to go back to llyl
can I com back?
I’m rank 3 now and I can reach rank 1 later


hello friends, I answer some minute, little patient thank you


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hey @grosboss
there one space open in your clan
can I return llyl?
pm me if you’re here


Hey Rice! Whats your name at the game?


“Unknown” is his IGN.


Ahhh… He join with us. Nice! Thanks.


its probably to get join i killed alex nd i killed you so its probably? xD!