From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


What’s your IGN LOL, don’t even know. Will tell the kid to look out for you :slight_smile:


I know his IGN:Voltaire


Is this true?


PyroBlitz is Voltaire???


Yep.refer to @Transcendant’s post.I’m too lazy to find though.



I am Maxoz de_Skyrim jejejeje


Not sure if you guys are currently recruiting, but I’m looking for a more competitive clan. I’m currently in Kongregation, but they are barely scratching top 6 every time. I’m a consistent R1 player if you guys are interested. Thanks! I’m also looking for a clan that I can just stick to for a good while. -IGN: nightfox485


yes, I am interested in you


Take a room guys :slight_smile:


Why bro? You wanna join in on the action?


İ just love @grosboss very direct english phrasing…


ha ha lordgorgon, el metre ,I write fast sentence was short funny


By this means I wish to congratulate and thank all my clanmates.

Congratulations for that third place that so much effort costs to conquer every week, but we did it! I’m very proud of it.

Thank you. A huge thanks to all those who have trusted the clan, my dear friends, those who decided to stay in good times and bad times. To those who support the changes, when there are. To our Leader who is a great person. To those who sacrifice their individual achievements for the common good.

We will continue. Bravo Littlelost !!


Hi @grosboss, @Wepwawet,

And congrats for the podium once again.
I sadly witnessed myself members of llyl having real badmouth in the game chat. To “carefull mate, you are staining your clan reputation” he replied “f@#k you nobody cares”…
Ķnowing how well behaved you 2 guys are, it hurted a little…


Ps: its no big deal, i just wanted to let you know


Could this be JEZU (now PIG HUNTER)? There has been some disgusting behavior from him in arena and chats.

This stuff is giving LLYL a bad rep! Would suggest you handle it @grosboss


hi lordgorgon, yes I had heard reported player bad behavior

yea,I saw chat amused mouth
I know that nervous player and anger he needs screaming after becomes calm the week
I will monitor, I will say stopped this or replace another player


As always Gross, you are wise and the good man.
I just worried for the hardly earned and well deserved good reputation of llyl.

Cheers good mate.


yes, i know jezu become bad behavior i got a lot of complaint against him and thanks for signalment


bye metre…