From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


17 years old, playing 2v2 (PHY+ELE). Sadly I don’t have premium protector or hp :confused:
But I will try to get them as fast as possible.
Second mech isn’t maxed yet but I try my best to finish it. I think that you dont care about my rank 3 now, but I would like to you look at builds and replays so you can tell me is it possible to join when I’ll max ELE.
In-game name: Trojan Gaming YT (ye ik its stupid)
Id: 15870595

Oh, and maybe you remember - I’ve beaten you :laughing:


I am maxoz…in the clan there are good people for those who want to enter remember that it is a prestigious and respected clan…therefore, members should be treated equally " RESPECT"…
By:Maxoz de_Skyrim …


Hello @Maxy…!

So is! We don´t try to be competitors that form a team. But a team that competes.

To me, that I have had to compete in regattas, I know that the best thing is not the final prize, but the life on board in the day to day. Ffinal prize only means the end of a trip, which in reality you don´t want to end.


I have retired, and i leave a place to someone that values honesty, fairplay, justice, jokes, fun, and has respect for others, even if they have clan rivalry.
Clan rivalry ends when the match ends.


Bye Brother. I hope you stay gone from here . We addicts keep staying for some reason. Give us hope and stay gone. Be well and I wish you good health , luck , and fortune in your life .


Hi my friend, At the beginning of your new beginning I wish you always keep in your heart the memories we shared and the good times we had. I never forget you !
you are an amazing person, no one can do as you
you helped a lot of players
you have created goat tournament,and many others

team LYLL: Thank you for all the good times. thank you for everything,
Goodbye !


I wish you well brother. For the little time I knew you, I can vouch for your kind spirit and good character.

I truly wish you all the best in life, and hope you find something better to pass your time with than this mess.

I too am retiring from this game today. It was fun while it lasted, but TS fvcked it up.

During my short stint at LLYL, I was welcomed and respected, and did my best. Quitting the clan was a very hard, very sad moment, as I felt honored to have been accepted by the clan.

It may not be #1, but it is without doubt #1 in honorability and friendliness, and of course fair play.

You will always be a mythical LEGEND!




@HateBlueMechs… When you get tired of playing annunaki, you can go back whenever you want.

I know how you felt. I had to walk through the “top” 4,000 after the big update.

Come back soon!


And you… without words. You know how much I support you in any decision, but the words don´t come out.


I am personally shocked by some of the responces on this page. A player is leaving, say something nice and stay merry or dont post.


bonjour à tous, les portes ouvertes changent de joueurs

you should max 2 mechs, active, not cheat, not multi account


Hello clan!

May I please ask why a clan is called Little Lost Your Lost? It’s a very interesting name, but is there any meaning to it?


hello mr e, my former boss who created name clan, I am second boss and why this name? I think it brings good luck
good luck good game mr e


grosbi hay que meter a @lordgorgon, tiene mucho futuro, puedo verlo.


I need clan jejeje…


Nono, @lordgorgon is a HardToKill(er) :exclamation:




To all clan members:

As you all know by now, my player account has joined HTK. Please understand that my son is now piloting the account exclusively since I have to deal with real life issues, which has both occupied all my time, and dulled my desire to play games.

My son made the decision to join HTK, and I respect that. He has his reasons, and has a different personality from mine. He is more competitive and found LLYL a little too lax and boring for his style. No offense, just the way he explained to me.

Anyway, all I ask is that a degree of respect be maintained between LLYL members and the player account. Again, my son is piloting the account. He is 17 and a good kid. Please bear this in mind when you meet him in arena.

I wish you all good luck and good games!

P.S. I am still around on the forums from time to time, and consider many here as my friends.


That account hasn’t beat me yet and never will; no love lost here haha


we have already discussed, thank you for playing with us I hope you progress quickly and a medal

I have always respected the players and I know I lost a lot of player and I hope great player to come in my clan


To my knowledge, @lordgorgon is pretty much a Rakuen dude :slight_smile:.
Thanks for the interest tho guys