From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Reporting to me, if they need to recruit one more.
I’ve been playing since 2012, and since 2013 uploading videos to youtube,
I have defeated several of the top, including members of this same clan.

I would only like you to take me into account.

regards to all :wink:


please @Sarah247, i will return grosbite in the Littlelost clan.
Player name: Welcome Top The List


Please @Sarah247 I want Grosbite to return as leader of the Littlelost Clan :3

Player name: DarkJailu


theres no need for yo name fam


please @Sarah247, i will return Grosbite in the Littlelost clan.

Player name: Nagibator


Lol just leave this shit game and destroy LLYLand i will do destroy reign too. This i promise u


hardly unlikly that u will destroy reign lanni with all the success


Just let cheaters win and get the glory from this game


Did not try to clear your clan of cheaters?


off topic will talk about elsewhere, if you get into trouble like me do you want to make fun of you? then stop your bullshit, thanks dwarf


Ok i’ll give an advice
Do not get drunk while playing supermechs.


ok but do not cheat advice, I play own boss must show good example


hello all, the open house change players

i’m looking for players more + 17 years

mechs max,or almostI would like 2vs2 and 3vs3 players
regular active,not cheat
here send and mp forget not write name player or id Can I see you


Sorry @grosboss my main acc joined reign now, but my second acc still in llyl now.


yes, I know you were your choice, good luck and maybe you’ll regret :slight_smile:

thank you for playing with us


I will regret when llyl are top 1 in future, thank you very much for your clan.


Come on! I know there are good players in 3x3 … maybe some of them are not stars now, but I’ve seen people improve day by day.


yes it’s true there are good players, it does not matter for stars


In what rank can you enter the clan?


Oh :sweat_smile: