From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


excuse me but i’m an honest and friendly person i may not be rank 1/ 2/ 3 but i would like to say if i would or could possibly join your clan thank you for your time if you get the chance please look up danny123 in the online section thank you very much.


The reason they wont take you is because you are honest and friendly. Thats the opposite of what llyl stand for


accident or button messing

I did not understand, what goes? and I did not leave the clan, I sent admins to correct

i wanted to change player can be i hit button quit pff I’m sure the game that messing


admin jess still does not respond and admin sarah responds but still not repair

a little patience guys and you know admin a little soft or lazy


That happened in a clan I was into and it got bugged as llyl is bugged now; I’ve raised the issue with support at the time, but in the end they stopped answering and the clan gone disbanded.

Good luck with that!


buscando reclutas .-.


Boss… I want a bit of that French wine … !!!


i send message to mohadid i explain my problem and 2 admins who do not help quickly so i said: do you have to see what happens 2 admins? and I hope to correct it quickly


i was on top 5 on old supermechs, i suck now but ill try since im stuck in rank 10


get wine and some bagguettes , watch llyl get disbanded.



Bon chance mon ami…mon frere Monsieur GROSBOSS


If it’s for me, it will not dissolve, even if I,m the only one left in the clan. I’m sure that at least El Metre accompany me.


I have a doubt if they rebuild the clan again they lose the medals?


Don´t miss anything.

It happened once and in a few days everything went back to normal. It was an accident, a mistake when pressing a wrong button. Errors are corrected.

I wish everything in the life was as easy to solve as this!


Sarah replied: We are still waiting for your team member to write to us.




hi, friends llyl have to write to Sarah as proof that I am leader