From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Hey I am pretty new at this game and I’m rank 12-10 and have an energy mech.
My id is 29278812 and my name is andy money


hello andy, it is necessary to progress your robot and thank you


i want to join
i diddnt recieved your message


message for ahs2060 and Solitaire
l`m sorry to expel you, I think you’re tired,do not be disappointed come back when you’re in shape
plus 2 years together same clan, you are amazing strong and good friends
was great honor for me and clan
thank you great legendary: ahs2060 and Solitaire


Where is my dedicatory message for my “time off break” ??? Or may i meant NOTHING to the clan?


hi manolis, i’m sorry and i need to change player


I would like to I’m level 30 Here is a pic of my mech


Like when there are people who have hopes of entering a top clan but you realize that you need to be a skull xD


git gud


Have you already asked “welcome top the list”? :smile_cat:


Hello yes , please get back to drawing anime.

I know who you are but if not ur fake >:V


yes, he will come later,finally can be


what? :smile_cat: :smile_cat:


“welcome” does not cheat :neutral_face:


She did not say Well cheats she said Well will not join Littlelost because he thinks you guys have cheaters in your clan.


Besides that, welcome to the top of the list already has a clan and I do not think he leaves his clan


isnt that something?


how to join you clan??


Reach BRONZE Skull Rank :exclamation:



Alright! can I join then?