From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


you like football lsoccer:


Qui, qui! Camembert, Brie und Savignion Blanc! Cheers to you, Gross!


hey grosboss how is your clan going


Hello oliboy, my clan are fine thank you


I would like to join but I realize that I am not a complete mythical although to take a few weeks playing I am already very advanced


hey ok I’m waiting when you’re ready but I need to change some players


After the new update the leader of LLYL little lost disappeared… Now the leader is you @grosboss ?, I don’t know can change a leader for a clan. Maybe I could join your clan, after upgrade all my weapons to mixed mythical?

My clan are always fighting yours to get top 3.


I think it only takes few days :smiley:
because I already have 4 legendarys.


former boss appointed me, I am grosbite boss,I accept it and end season I would take ok


we can top 1 if you help,go friends


I am proud of my clan, you are legendary all time MrOneTwo


for me my goal is to be a player as strong as possible and enter a strong clan to be a strong player that is easy in 2 months but being in a strong clan that takes longer :slight_smile:


can i join littlelost


Hi, I send message you have not answered and what is your name player, thank you


hey,join you or not?


@grosboss I want to join, but I only have time to play supemechs at 4pm - 6pm, that time are you online?


when discussing times in an international community it’s always useful to drop a timezone for reference, my dude.


@grosboss I can’t find you


ricemech88 pm :gentle_smile:


??? (jxdicbhbdvghb)