From the clan "Littlelost your lost"


Hey guys! We looking for new members, active and honest players, with nice attitude, who want to learn from the oldest and powerfull clan in the game…

Dany - Littlelost the leader of L.L.Y.L.


Always wanted to try SM, I might not be bullied as much :stuck_out_tongue:


is it possible to kick noobs from your clan on SM? i might invite Carter to my clan


Can I join?? :heart_eyes:

Hello, i am Killa RxF and i dont want to join.. so tell your members to stop invite me.



Hi “Killa RxF”. I know you. You’re the old Xeno from HTK. You said you’re romanian but you don’t know romanian language… We not need liers in our clan for sure…
Now I saw you’ve only 11 years old (?) I knew the game is for those from 16 years of age, and not for those with full of baby figures…

We not have noobs in our clan…

First need to see what you can do in fights… Then we will talk… :slight_smile:


I am on rank 4. Is this ok for the clan


You’re to weak… To can come in our clan you must be for 3 weeks in a row on 20 TOP players, at Friday…


Haha good one … that was my cousin Lol


IGN:Henry Aguana

I’m testing out some mechs and of course I lose alot ever since I got bored on the game. I’ll see what I can do.


So what about an account with rank one and it has been on top 20thrice


If is true, sounds good… But which is your nickname and in which clan are you now ?


I’ll just put this out there… often times training someone up who has potential is much better than trying to look for the best that already exist. People like challenge. The best will fight the best. Sometimes the best way to fight the best is to train a newer person to rise up and challenge with you. And who best to fight with you than someone you trained to think like you :wink:


Hi. First PM me in the game to see your mechs and maybe few battles…


eh I would like to join, i’ve been in top 50. (my name is :|EchoNox|:) im a bit active and i’ve killed grosbite once.
Is that good enough?


No is not… :slight_smile: You need to be much more good … To kill once one of our member can be accident… :))


Well I’ve killed a few more, but that’s fine. pm me if you still need me. and an accident? well I killed him with 200 hp left. not an accident if you ask me, the pads weren’t even in my favour… :slight_smile:


I think his point is getting to the top 10.


Hello littlelost I am bahamut sploner I am interested in entering your clan auque I doubt since all are very pro xD thanks if you see this

I’m very active and I do a lot of wins but now I’m a little bit asleep since I do not have so many things to climb


Are you active?
I’ve known you for a long time and I saw you online today after a long time hahaha.