Friendly Fire Notification


I was just thinking that a feature that sends an alliance leader an event when one of his alliance’s outposts/colonies have been attacked by someone that is marked blue could be useful.
What are your thoughts relating to this??[poll max=20 public=true]

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  • No
  • Maybe


It already flashes on the radar. An event for every time this happened would get annoying. If someone did stab your alliance and you weren’t on for a few ticks you’d come back to lots of notifications that would just clog up your events page when really you need to see what outposts they took and the BRs of them.


Will create problems during backstab plus we already have it flashing on radar screen.


Im talking about one lone notification for the first attack etc. Currently if one member of Alliance A attacks a gate owned by a member of Alliance B, If Alliance B takes that outpost back, it can all happen without the leader knowing.


I feel like alliance communication should be able to cover this sort of thing and would be unfair to point out to an alliance the second they are about to be attacked by an alliance as it would get them to refresh and defend a tick earlier ruining the wonderful surprise.