Friending others

Maybe you could add people as friends and chat with them it would be fun to interact with others instead of finding them in chat and pm them.It would be better if you could just go to a place where you could go talk to friends. But first you would have to send them a message and they have to accept it. :smile:


This was a thing back in 4.3 I think. Dunno why they removed it

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Old times Good ones
Tacticsoft add the good old features back


That was in the game, then removed in 2013 or 2014.

yep , as i said removed in 4.3

To be honest, I would really prefer the option to tag players as “muppets”. You could also select which type of muppet a given player is, e.g.:
depending on the type of irritating behaviour one displays… Another idea is to assign perks to their torsos, so that a mech can look like Gonzo!

I undertand… Okay, no.