Friend or Enemy?


War a friend on Earth and in fantasy fight on the same side (at the same time). I think there can be some interesting storytelling with this. How did it feel to organize a defense in one chat with a friend and in the other chat plot to lock them. Any good drama? Any good stories? I want to do this to Alfie someday.


It’s happened to me quite a few times. I just tend to keep each server seperate from eachother if possible. Only downfall is you tend to know when he’s on and off, and vice versa, lol. But I love warring with friends. Creates a fun atmosphere.


What the hell Seaweed :open_mouth: :disappointed_relieved:


I want to see how you react when I kill you on one world and save you on the other within hours of each other.


Ohh these are fighting words :rage: @Kaen I’ll join you guys next time you want to fight Seaweed and Devin


what friends …


U and me? :joy::joy: (20s chars)


I’ll make sure Kaen holds you to that.