Friend List Feature


Friend List can be good ide and maybe easy for implement. Maybe developer can add feature friend list. Its weird if you find others player in global chat…

@Sarah247 @Mohadib
Maybe its useful, thanks

Become friend and Block list

Yes, we had this feature 5 years ago. Not sure why they removed it in the first place.

I say we bring it back.


Same…they should bring it back


Seriously? I dont know, but its hard to check other player online or not. Hard to chat other player…


Maybe friend list is good solution


I always had this idea. It would be good to make our own list of friends.


Ami always in the chat someone says “you remind me?” and me as well as “refresh my memory xD”


We already have clans, but yea, we should have a friend list… Is more useful than clans.


They should have a “BEFRIEND” button. Practically a lot games have this feature.