Friend, are you my weapon?


Scarlet dragonfly:Are you the gods kill?
waepon:I am the destruction and also the slaughter incarnate
Scarlet dragonfly:So are you the one I was looking for so long?
Weapon:Come I’ll show you who I am …

  • He turned around and scarlet was surprised …*

do not! do not…! you are not the why! do not! no no no!!!
@Well: clanquilo scarlet will come the time you get your gods kills … maybe maybe …

@ToxicDoll You do not want me to give it to you before I erase it from the face of the earth :cry:


I maxed one of those out and use it for trolling, it’s quite fun (plus you can get the 300+ dmg achievement if you haven’t already with it.)

And a smart person would tell you to keep it, but eh, myth fod.


mmmm good only because it will serve me for the achievement that still did not end but then I erase it from the face of the earth I consider myself a pure heat guy … well 99% for my nightfall


good that ami give me extremely rare weapons and modules in the game that same I say to the legendary life module that eliminates … :llorar:


I hope that the next legendary give me some heat weapon I hope it appears the weapon that I ask so much for more than 4 months :confused:


Estaba viendo la foto en noticias de 20% tokens y me puse a jugar con un pedazo del arma, podría ser un arma nueva o.o


Es una corrupt light o malice beam recuerda que se obtiene desde raro


no creo la forma es distinta XD!


Amigo te lo dice una persona que ocupa armamento de ese tipo conosco muy bien su forma y apariencia -_-


que no es la beam, la base de arriba no coincide en ninguna forma XD!


es que la corrupt y la beam en rango raro se ve asi!!


I don’t understand half of the things in this post, but still felt like.posting something just for the sake of it



No, I have a bunch of bunker shells… I dont give a crap what you do with it.

If you are trying to make me jealous you need to try harder nub…:cry:


Just wow. Like, damn dude. Wow


I would like to have the same thing but with magma blast :sob:


For some reason I never get powerful heat weapons. I always get powerful energy stuff . I would like a powerful mech of each type.


No se si reirme contigo x no llorar xD
estuviste crk de la magma blast
si aun la tenes y qeres hacer un mech d energia usalo si tenes bunker shell cualqier build de alto drenaje d energia antes d rank 3 funciona bien
por mi parte me estoy aburriendo del juego


1 ash & 2 valiants that u dont need would complete my mech xD
its a shame we cant sell items x tokens to other players
its nice to see u r well prepared too