Freezed Battles -_-

They’re back again… ( also there’s no internet connection problem )


from: other post

from : other post

nice, so i’m not only stupid

We are on it. :thumbsup:
When this happens please send an email to [email protected].

It’s freezing on everything. It freezes when I do boosting/upgrade.
I recorded 1 min, and it froze.

The boosting went through, yet had to reload page. Kept reloading when boosting.

I have the same problem too.

This is still happening to me. :expressionless: :rage:

Thanks everyone. I will private message anyone I need more information from.



They’re back again…
Other players in replays! And not my other accounts.
Even though this is a minor issue.

Haha! Guess who is on the screen to the right? Some handsome MADAFAKA!!

I don’t know man, he didn’t look all that handsome to me.

In fact he looks pretty ugly tbh


:heart_eyes:Flux, look at those legs, curved tighs, slim waist… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah especially those horns.

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But those horns make me look… HORNY!:heart_eyes:

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Fair Enough…