Free GOOD item boxes (every month or something)


I honestly think the creators suck at making updates, its always sales. The one that i hate the most is the one that gives us 20% more tokens. I was happy when I saw this until i saw that u get 20% more tokens if u buy tokens with real money. We used to get GOOD item boxes (mythical, gold) back then before supermechs had that one big update. now all of the events are just sales. The only good one is the portals. I just wish that they would give us good item boxes.

We could get an item box every month or when a holiday happens (easter, mothers day, christmas, thanksgiving, etc. AND when i say good item boxes, i mean u get 1 legendary item from the box. not just an epic item.

Tell me if you think this is a good idea. If you played supermechs before the big update happened then you should know what im talking about.


Oh god pls why bring this up again go read other topics on why this won’t work just- oh god, the pain why do you do this to me this is not necessary why please just tell me oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi wo Just read other topics but don’t bring up the legendary thing ever again.


deverian considerar traer devuelta las mitical box…antes cualquiera podia tener miticos ,ahora es un rollo tener que buscar 5 legendarias…o crearlas


I agree… back in the days we’re supossed to get gold boxes with an actually high chance of getting a mythical. Why not having this in reloaded with legendaries instead of mythicals. The fortune box or should i call it trash can usally gives us rares. The 75 tokens trash can #2 also gives us in the most cases epics.


imo not just "most cases"
since this new version came out, i’ve got nothing else but epics…


this is off topic but is that jontron as your image


yea it is jontron, i just thought it was funny.


You get two premium boxes every three weeks. One at the 7th and one at the 21st day… you just have to log in every day. Chances of legendary is lower tho


they to give free goods before the beta came out