Free Gold Box Bug


Earlier I logged in my account… A Free Gold Box showed up and when I opened it It says… Cannot be opened try again later… I think… Then now I relogged but it doesnt showed up… No Free Gold Box for me… Cause I didnt received it… :confused: :disappointed:


You can only receive it once a week, And it only shows up in phone
Although it is irritating


Im on phone too… But It says Try it later then I didnt received it… :confused:




Then I have to wait for a week again??!! :expressionless:


Its a bug it has happenend to me 3 times now i get a notification -open sm to get ur free box but when i open game and box it says cannot be opened lol.
To put short u are not gonna get any free box until its special occasion or sale :frowning:


There were twice occasions where I got 2 gold boxes on 2consecutive weeks from this so called bug. After I received the box, whenever I go back to the game again, It says ‘‘Cannot be opened’’.

I got Electrocop and Heat Control mk 1 from the boxes if that helps.


Oh I see… Thank you! :smiley: