Free box of gold

I opened up the app and out of nowhere I get a special free gold box with 75000 gold.
Thanks TS!
Anybody else get this?

Nope, must be a select few.

I guess I did something good but that’s probably hard to believe…

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Could be their shitty way of trying to appease the select few they deem worthy. Pos devs.

Isn’t that just the free gold box you get every once in a while?

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Gold boxes haven’t been a thing in a while if I recall. Wait, @Yeet Was it not a clan box? (i totally didn’t forget how much clan wins gold box gives you).

Not clan box, clan gives 20k and I got 75k

But that’s besides the point. Once again thank you ts


Nope. Not even close.

Now they will ban you for suspicious looting


Lol, you sure it wasn’t the daily reward? Cause I got my gold today

It only happens when you didn’t logged in for 1-2 weeks. It also happend to me after an vacation :slight_smile:

You haven’t picking up your daily reward in a few days, right?

I get them if not playing for some time