Free and unlimited fuel in the campaign map


Stop holding back those who want to progress!

There is very little fuel that is offered per day,
should be unlimited as it was before, or at least double.

30 Tokens by recharge is a theft! lpmqtp

And as if that were not enough, they still do not repair the problem of obtaining boxes, although you can do 100 times a mission, hopefully you get 10 MIX boxes.


Dancin with Joy
Basically Shane


Eh, I kinda don’t agree on this one. If nothing else, the fuel limit is good for keeping nerds like me from playing for 6 hours straight…


Totally agree.

Fuel is a bloody nonsense now, i mean, they basically moved BattleCredits to Campaign.


yeah yeah i hope they remove fuel so i can get infinite money and boxes, duping tabs and letting the game autoplay yeah yeah i like your idea bud


ynow what? I would love to be able to set it to farm a certain level for however long


ynow what? I would love to be able to set the autoplay on online battles for however long


It’s the dumbest thing I’ve read.
As if that were possible, I expected serious answers, not delusions.


your the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen, if tacticsoft let unlimited fuel players will abuse of it.



You can see your lack of arguments, of sure you are a weeping kid,
of those who ask their parents for money for the game,
for being lazy to obtain their progress with effort and dedication,
as we do the old players.


wrong but k

i am king kong of veterans, as the time has gone by i have noticed that a lot of kiddos were abusing of weaknesses of game like you were having fantasies. fcking ga*

if you really think that you are an old player, so pm me on game so you can lick my medals.



Old players like me, can tell you that it is bad idea. VERY BAD IDEA.
Also you have refills after level up and you get lot of experience after buff. This means endless farming until 80~100 lvl. And - lol it took me 2,5 refills to level up after 130 level.


And how do I do it to pass the level, yes a long time ago I reached 150? :neutral_face:

  1. Wait one hour
  2. Play Big boy on hard
  3. Go to point 1.

And that’s it! No more playing campaign. Then you do other stuff or play arena. You just use maximum amount of free energy and then go to arena. Also after update you can perfect your raid score.

Because it’s not “waste your life on farming campaign”. It is “use your fuel and go to arena”.
Don’t agree with this? So tell me
Why you want more fuel? YES, to be BETTER in ARENA.

And some kind off-topic I don’t want to tell you what to do with your life, but spending more than 2 hours daily on simple online game is waste of your time. I know what I say bro, I wasted 2 years of my life to be the best in other game. Will. Never. Do. It. Again.


I just care to finish 2 mechs. :roll_eyes:
To be able to spend less time per day, doing 3vs3. :sunglasses:
Once my remaining 2 mechs are finished, I’ll going down the changes. :sweat_smile:

Valuable words, I appreciate your comment! :grinning:
You’re absolutely right, I could not agree more with you. :wink: