"Free 10k gold" glitch


So this only happens on Android. Basically, sometimes I see a silver box saying free 10k gold, but when I tap on it, it says “This package is not available, please try again later.”

10k isn’t a lot to me but the glitch bothers me sometimes


Sometimes it opens for me and I get 75k gold


Wow that’s a lot
Hey, I’m not jealous of you so don’t get the wrong idea ok???
It’s not like that I care or anything, Onii-chan you pervert!!!


That’s once in a week or something, I really don’t know when I get it


Are you already claiming it on another platform that you are playing on?
Please let us know.


There’s no “other platform”… that free 10k box only shows up on Android.

I play on both browser and iOS… it doesn’t show up for any of them. :slight_smile:


I play on Android and I get the box each time I log in, most of the time it says "package not available " but sometines u get 75k gold


it shows up for me on iphone and also gives me nothing. it’s not just android.

it did something similar with a gold box or something in the last version for me too.

never worked.

but yeah, not just android in my experience anyway.


Lol I used to get gold boxes too In old version, not every time, but once in few days xD