Frantic Brute disputed - Frantic Brute the solution ✅

Since a lot of players complained that SeraphBlade / EMP / Heat Bomb was OP and they got nerfed …

Frantic Brute is way more OP :exclamation:

Frantic Brute needs a nerf :exclamation:

Feel free to discuss and give good suggestions :exclamation:

My suggestion is …

175 - 525 Damage

(current 69 - 632)

… because it hit more in the upper range than it does in the lower range :exclamation:


    • Frantic Brute needs to be more balanced
    • Frantic Brute is ok like it is now

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Simple solution
Rename the game to Frantic Mechs


175 as the lowest hit is still 200+ with arena buff… not much of a big downside…

I’d do 1 to 555!

But yeah like many other items it needs tweaking!

( if I wasn’t lazy I’d find the replay where a double frantic user hit me 1500+ with drone in one turn… broken shet)


I had a match where I got hit for 696 with 83 resist, and 692 on 41 resist. 6DF23 if anyone cares.


175 because we do not want to kill this weapon …

  • many players maxed out this weapon and also used Epic Ascension Relics on it

… so it still need to be useful, BUT the higher hits are/were the problem, so the -107 at the highest hit will help as solution, if you calculate the Arena Shop bonus and Divine status as well :exclamation:



+20% Damage Arena Shop Bonus

778 max Physical Damage

Is the 778 max Physical Damage correct :interrobang:


I’ve noticed a trend going on with many of the newer weapons… There’s been nothing but complaints around the use of said weapons but not once have I seen people talk about the way people are finding ways to get around the intended use of these weapons.

Yes, Dual Frantics are an issue but I doubt the issue is caused by the Frantics involved in said build as people are using said Frantics in pairs when the Frantics may have been intended to be used singularly when it comes to builds. However, I’m not saying that I don’t believe that the Frantic damage should be nerfed… I completely agree in lowering the maximum damage range of such a weapon… But I am trying to point out that the Frantics being RNG weapons is not the major fault here.

If you’re wondering why I say that the Frantics are not completely at fault in this situation, it’s mainly because that no matter where you look, every single weapon, drone, leg set, hook, charge, and teleport all share this sort of RNG idea but they use a scaled-down version of said idea but are still being exploited in order to achieve unfair advantages in combat regardless of how you look at it. As for why I believe that Frantics were meant to be “one per build”, you have to consider that these weapons are two use only and are only good in the aspect of dealing damage… Yet, we have players ruining this idea by equipping two Frantics onto “Frantic Dependent” builds that exploit the flaws of the weapons and using them as strengths.

Like I said, I believe that the Frantics should have lower max damage ranges and perhaps have greater heat generation/energy cost or higher weight but like many other weapons, they are being exploited by players to cheat the system and prey off of people who choose to play fairly. Either way, no matter which path the Frantics go down in the future, they will always be a double-edged sword wielded by individuals with ill-intentions… In other words, it is only a tool that only kills when in the hands of those willing to kill.


I got a thought. What if frantic got nerf someday?
Will TS add another frantic, but l-m and with ~= old stats of nerfed e-m frantic? Who knows…

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Frantic is literally the spine of this game, definitely the only item that’s feeding ts. As players will struggle to counter the damage, ts will eventually release a new item that’ll balance this nonsense and so on. We’ve seen several topics that revolve around nerfing or, even better, disposing this item hence this one varies not the slightest. What’s the point, seriously?

It isn’t, It’s just unpredictable. Valiant is overpowered so is spartan or any other decent item that inflicts a guaranteed amount of damage.




Too much unpredictable. @L4K3 knows what I mean :shushing_face:


lol… When I use it, it is the lower range…

Just make the range of using it 5-6

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

It’s not good. I’ll consider changing my mind when I start seeing frantic users get solo medals.

You want it nerfed? Fine. I wish you all the best of luck in convincing the developers to do so.


With so many people complaining about Frantic Brute, I didn’t realize it is so op. Apparently, it’s so op that high-ranking players use them.

If I didn’t already have dual Spartan Carnage, I’d consider joining the dark side. :smiling_imp:


My solution is up the base damage (unbuffed) up to 650-700,keep the same min value but:

Give it one use.

Balanced,still big risk - high reward (and the chance to crit is still higher than to miss) but fucking balanced.

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Great solution, but are the devs listening?

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Hell no…

That’s why we gotta make them listen,like they did with the seasons :heart:


The 1v1 and 3v3 war on devs took months and the undisputed and continuous support and cooperation of the entire forum.

Especially me,Mosfit and a couple others but everyone joined.We did it.

We will do this again.


Sure then. @Sarah247