Fourth Mech Type : Freezing Weapons/Torso


no, correction
phy would be too op


tbh this is too op
first you make weapons useless…
then you dont allow movement
then you can cool down 3 times more than everyone in the game (basically 6 times if somehow your shut down)
then we have the fact that freezing causes more phy dmg (why? why not just more ice dmg? why phy? WHY?)

so no
i like more the idea of nano tech


Freezer Mechs will be either Pure freezr or a Pys+Freez … for the Physical attack will have maximum damage on Frozen Mech by breaking it.

their freezing is faster than heating. yes the enemy will enjouy not heating up while using his weapons but the Freezing is faster …

Being able to shoot without heating up the Freezer enemy is his disadvantage yes but also you will be freezing with time . the freezing effect will be made MORE than heating effect. so with time your opponent will be frozen before he knew it.

The freezing effect will be double the heat effect.


no thank you… that’s way higher than energy drain
so no
also i dislike the idea of freexing dealing more phy dmg cause it sounds mor elike your a phy mech… most of your ideas seem to benefit phy which makes me think your a phy but not a good one