Fourth Mech Type : Freezing Weapons/Torso


How about Adding the Freezing mech ?

we have energy and heat and physical attacks , how about Freezing cold Attacks ?

Freezing weapons : slows down enemy … making them Freeze cant move ! and when frozen take 100% more physical damage (they break)

Think of Liquid Nitrogen Attacks , and cold beams , and Ice winds and so on ? and make the heat bar minus and plus … if it reaches far left it freezes and if it reaches far right it heats up and shuts down.

as for freezing torsos ? they cool down triple rate !!! very hard to heat up. but at the same time consume alot of energy for cooling and freezing

will think of more about it later … any ideas ? do you like it ?


Seems difficult to implement

There’s a lot of suggestion for a fourth one

No, Too op

Okay this is cool Get it? XD

That’s too op, Even if it’s taking lots of Energy, Heat mechs will be OP


i would like to keep sm at 3 types

plz n ty


well we can manage the balance … for example , Freezing weapons deal less damage but their effect are the helpers like slowing down and breaking frozen enemies.

as for frozen VS heat … well Frozen will have advantgage over Heat weapons by Default . ICE > Fire

at the same time heat mechs will be harder to slow down or freeze …



What lol

Heat mechs would be weak since they can’t over heat anyone.


Actually they can.

Freezing mechs need alot of energy for freezing which will make them have lower Heat MAX … true they will cool down tripple but at the same time they are Energy Hungry and this is their weakness :slight_smile:
Attack their Energy if you see them


Lol no. There are already mechs with exceedling large amounts of energy and all you need is a Zarkares torso and you have 360 heat. This won’t affect energy. It will literally kill heats though.


keep in mind that we can make freezing weapons heavier or so … I think it can be balanced …

Freezing weapons + Physical weapon mix = breaking frozen ice :slight_smile:


one more thjing guys … freezing mech has disadvantage … when he attacks using freezers weapons he lowers other Mechs Temps allowing them to use Heat weapons more without shutting down.


That won’t change a thing lol


explain why ? Actually weapons that use heat and not Energy will be deadly against freezers.

even if they are out of energy they can still hit without fearing herating up and shutting down or loosing a turn for over heating.

Freezers do have negatives … They cant freeze Heaters fast as well because heaters weapopns Generate heat.

and so on …

it is an interesting Mech if made


So Heat is weak against Frozen?

Wait, so Heat are Frozens “negatives”?

Have you really even thought this through? How can Heat be weak to Frozen if Frozen can’t do jack to Heat???

Please. Reconsider.


Freezers VS heat will negate each others bonus , heaters wont shut down freezers with ease , and freezers wont Freeze heaters with ease.

but at the end it will depend on their smart moves and equipment choice ofc.


If you play the game, you will know that Heaters are considered the minors of the game purely as they do little damage just to overheat players only to find that they have over 200 cooldown.

This idea is a full on ruse to bring an end to heat mechs.


no need to end heat mechs they can be fixed if freezing mechs are introduced. anything can be balanced …


Lets just say NO to this Idea. Freezing mechs wouldn’t have an advantage. It will cool down heat mechs giving them the advantage. Will take energy for this freezing technique. At least you took a risk, awesome.


i think this ides worth to take a closer look by the devs…
and also sounds logical


I suggested this a while back… New type of weapons


new modules new strategies, new weapons, new weights.
too much.If y=they replace it with energy…then…
I m sorry, but it’s gonna be a no from me.


So would weapons that generate a lot of heat for the user effectively counteract freezing weapons then? Don’t like it. Heat would be a type which doesn’t have to worry about energy or ice since a lot of its weapons don’t need energy and all of them would counteract ice. Phys and e would have to pull effort into handling these ice mechs while heats would laugh all the way to the bank.

Plus in principle adding extra types is too extreme a change at this point. Maybe if there was another reloaded you could make such sweeping changes to the fundamentals but I don’t see that happening again any time soon.