Found a scammer in global chat


I found a hacker in supermechs. now i may be wrong about this but i am being cautious58.
found another

I cannot access SuperMechs

Yes , apparentely asking someone if they want tokens is hacking.

thats called scamming lmfao


ok just makin sure! cause im being cautious and i want my account safe.


just dont be stupid and dont give him your info.

Its the red text on the top of the chat anyways .-.


yeah… i only give out info if i dont want the account anymore :confused:


It’s a long time since he’s doing that on chat, I’ve already reported him to @Sarah247 since he was trying to redirect me to a malicious site with this tecnique.
Message got viewed but not replied, and he’s still around doing the same thing.


wow. stupid ppl. hate em


Lol that account got hacked @Kn0Tn0YT must see this


Finnally. The fu**ing piece of a jerk off is gone. I hate him. He took my account and just left. I HOPE FAKE ME DIES.


they are probily hacking my friend is planing to use a token engine but i am stoping him because its not fun its just sad that people have to ruin games because when i was fighting someone asked me if they wanted to trade accounts


I am just saying. That account, that was quoted up there, was my account. I just hope the dude who took it can’t use it -_-


i feel you bro. i lost one of my accounts doing that sh*t