Found a glitch on my energy bar


Look at my energy bar my dudes.



damn boi

im jealous


That’s called using a cheat engine. :slight_smile: GG


It happens whenever an energy shotgun (I don’t remember it’s name) is used on me. In case you’re not joking, it says this


140 is my max energy.


looks like someone forgot to round off the digits of the damage calculations… hehehehe… :smiley:


Hello Natsuki



20 charytytssfhhffhfhfhffh


damn. *when you got hit by an energy weapon and the energy damage needs to be accurate AF :stuck_out_tongue:


from Zarkares Portal moments ago *got wasted 20 tokens from hard mode but no Zarkares but I have Adv. Teleporter (congratz to me huhu)


Don’t be sad, Zarkares is here :slight_smile:


begone thot


i cri now :cry: :upside_down:


it happened to my health as well