Forum Signatures


Who here would like to see forum signatures back on this new forum, or do you think it would make it look to cluttered and messy??[poll max=20 public=true]

  • Yes, I want forum signatures!
  • No, I do not want forum signatures.
  • I dont really care


While I liked signatures, I think it’s kina impossible with the discourse forum type (not sure tho)


It’s possible, but we felt it would cause chaos on the format that would overall be ugly. Yes, having your own personality shine was nice in a sense, but it also contains a lot of clashes to the design of the forum’s layout. People will have all sorts of colors, borders, sizes, etc. For your little taste of personal flare, the forums begin to become an eyesore in some cases.

I said the same thing to Alex when we first moved over, but now that I’m used to it, I actually prefer it without. You still have plenty of means to personalize yourself via your own profile page. But, you can always put up a poll and see what the masses say. It is an available add-on that can be implemented.


yes, but who goes on other peoples’ profile pages?

i do agree with most of what you said, but to stop people from going all out and messing with different sizes and stuff, couldnt you do a thing like you have on the profiles? a certain size image that you can have, and nothing more. if you want to add words or something in your signature, include that in the picture.


I go on peoples profiles :frowning:


Me too :frowning:
I didnt know I’d be shamed for this :cry:


I said from the start:

If demand is there, we can and will add them.

Consider however that we now have a super clean forum, with highly customize able profiles that you can see without even leaving the page, custom “Names”, and a ton of content on a single view –

Consider these are among the smaller ones.

You sure you really prefer that over and over, instead of having the content front and center (and super nice on mobile) and your customization for people who are interested in you? :slight_smile:


Plus, like, really?! Do we even care about fluff’s achievements? Think of the children!!


no. i fully agree with you now.


Flufferz biggest achievement is banning me 10 times (x_x)


I see your point now. I have created a Poll.


Hmm, What about being able to add just a Text signature??? How difficult is that to implement?


How do you add in custom User Titles, Like yours is “Clueless Master of the Clueless Corgis”?


Only level 4 and above can make their own title.

you could always make your own signature but i do agree that they heavily fill pages and really aren’t needed.


Elcent of BTW and other great alliances


Seeing that example finalizes it for me tbh, Yuck!


Glad you dislike it :slight_smile: it truly is horrible and just gets in the way. Now imagine seeing it on every post i did!


:wink: I would have constant headaches from the brightness


Oh but there is so much more xD

My next alliance will be forced to have these as their pictures.


Titles can only be added on by level 4 and higher (mods/admins). Id be happy to help some people out with if they want


I got my title changed without consent >_>

Revoke Level 4 from Flufferz for banning me 10 times :frowning: