Forum People Card Background


I suggest to add card background like this

Example From Graal forum


Ah, yes, signatures. We have taken them off. The user card and profile background gives us plenty of opportunity to customize our profile (along with avatar). As you can see in just the above pic example, signatures can come in a variety of sizes and color as it’s user designs it. Which means it can greatly clash with the smooth look and feel of the forum overall. Just looking at the example above, I’d say overall, it’s not a very appealing look. One sig is very very basic and HUGE. Also centered, leaving a lot of weird spacing.

However, if there is a lot of movement by the community to bring signatures back for more personalized profiles, we can look into bringing it back in as a feature.


Yea, I agree with Malicewolf the signature feature is a clunky outdated design that does not fit the sleek look of this fourm.