Forum observations

As of this moment, Battle Dawn is still leading in the post-count on separate threads on this forum. for good reason. I am also bringing that up because an opportunity to shoot a Supermechs thread up to most-posted on, if anyone manages to catch it.

Red rectangle - off-topic
Green rectangle - Battle Dawn
Blue rectangle - Super Mechs

(3 of the threads in the off-topic category can be categorized as Battle Dawn, technically)

The way Battle Dawn is able to do it is because they have ongoing topics. (Biggest BD thread was the E4 thread. It was a big event in which most players participated. That’s not why it became big. it became big because of controversy over some things that were done by some people that made a lot of people salty. 2nd biggest is E3, in which some crazy things happened as well. And Battle Dawn eras go on for awhile.) In Super Mechs there is no such thing as interesting events or anything going on for a long time. That is where this new idea for a GOAT tournament comes in. If all the announcements of who won and everything that is going on with it, is reported on the forum, that will keep it going. (possibly make a couple double-elimination tourneys or something alongside the main tournament).

side note: The 2 biggest threads on the forum are still mine.


+1 уважение

You have to much time !


you now - after deleting it - also !


P.S.: do “all categories” … “Top” without any “sorting”


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I sorted by amount of replies. Top only shows currently trending. Which, i agree, SM leads in. But this was about most replies

This longest (most replies) thread costed you 1500 tokens, you would have done way better to send me 1000 tokens, and I would have give you the best idea to have a never ending most active thread !


And you would have safed 100 hours !


Of course BD has more replies because every time we are arguing in a supermechs topic and generate more replies the mods just close the topic.

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.>implying that’s a lot

Quite a few big topics got locked on BD as well. The issue isn’t the devs. It’sthe game. Every Battle Dawn era lasts awhile. Some going on for like 3 months. In that time people talk on forum, discuss diplomacy or make fun of their enemies, or post battle reports of their enemies dying.

We have this too. More replies than the BD top one.

Well, BD folks know not to cross certain lines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t know why, but SM’ers tend to just get angrier and more wild when we ask them to not directly insult others (and then proceed to make a bigger scene) :joy:
When we tell BD players to stop, they usually move to insulting on skype since all of us have it. And obviously, we don’t moderate skype.


Don’t forget Discord now too!


Well, that’s part of strategy. SM tactics is just choosing which range is best for you, which weapons to use, etc. BD tactics was heavily based on diplomacy. Lots of times you want to get an advantage but not cross the line or it’s war. It’s a form of art that a lot of BD players learned. And they use it on the forum. Going only far enough to get the job done, but not far enough to get banned or get the topic closed. Factions event was different because some people were pissed off beyond measure, so they couldnt control themselves

Hmm. That doesnt show up for me. And it makes sense, since it was somewhat of an event with necessary feedback

SM babyrage kills all forum activity from our end (and we’re a smaller community) :disappointed_relieved:

Plus like josh said if we wanna complain we just pm alex that hes a dumbnugget

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Josh didnt say that… did he?

Altho that is pretty true. If we have any complaints, we just pm Alex. Hes a very friendly lad that is fun and easy to talk to. I’ve still not messaged any SM dev in pm. Kinda scared to. They seem evil.

How is SM related to the BD side of the forum in any way tho?

We’re on the same website? :thinking: :thinking:

I wouldn’t wanna post if I was someone who didn’t use the forums often if i saw 1 BD topic get drowned in 20 SM threads

Just sayin, forums were hella active on our end before the merge

Its divided into categories tho. And there are ways of having it only show bd

Hmm. I dont see any SM threads there

Altho you are tight about the BD forum being a lot more alive and active before the merge