Forum members who deserve recognition (Wepwawet concept)

As requested by Bestplayerintheworld,
who else thinks we should give wepwawet the credit.


Indeed we should, there are members who also deserve credit



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it was basicly Wep’s ideea, she worked on starting it, defended it against the initial rants and hates, from Betsy and Co.
And only to be stolen by Betsy.
Imho, that is a low move to make, even for a seal clubber like Bets.
The credit is Weps, and if i remember corectly the ideea is alredy in the devs hand(Weps ideea), and will get the aproval on it and how it will be made, pretty soon.


here comes the bodyguard to the rescue…i love it…:rofl:

you two should get married…

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my words, my words :wink:


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Hey,just wondering but…
Why has this thread been moved to off-topic 4 times?
Its place is in general discussions…Like this,people will see it more clearly and actually respond to the given question:“Should we give the credit to Wepwawet?”.

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what do you think?
hmm? was it stolen?
Who can move topics? Level 3 trust users, right?
You are lvl 3 trust user, wonder who else it?
And to be clear about it, there is no question about

Since it was Weps ideea, and she was the one who pushed forward with it, against all the rants and hate that was thrown at her.

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Dude…I know it was Wep’s idea.
Then Best requested Winz to make a separate thread to ask about who should get the credit…
Winz did,but then Best moved it to spam so that people wouldn’t see it and respond…Why would she do that from the moment that she requested it?
Don’t ask me…
Plus of course Wep gets the credit for the original idea…Best forwarded it (evolved it) by nominating users (and that’s 100% fair)…

Problem solved:
Give Wep credit for the idea and Best for putting it in practice


Tho,I’m saying that the thread should stay in General Discussions…It should be seen by everyone since it’s a debate.
It’s not okay hiding it 6 times in a row…

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Original idea, following this thread.


Pensar hice el manual del economista y Scarlet hizo una traducción para los que no son Pay to win, besy ni lo menciona XD1
< Al menos Wep lo mencionaba

Wtf is wrong with you:
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59 PM

(20 edits and counting!!) (Not in order)

Thats a question for you, you copied my Thread title 1 to 1 and started to rant against me … so sure something what has nothing to do with a discussion, thats why it belong to off topic, also I reported it long time ago.


If you have a personal problem with me, pm me about :exclamation:


I copied from you because you copied from Wepwawet you hypocrite

I bet you’re searching up what “hypocrite” means

I didn’t copied anything from wepsy

but if you think so, you need to learn harder to read and understand things :wink:

Enlighten me.

Seeing as bestplayer actually encouraged opening a new thread for people with differing opinions it is strange that he is making such a fuss when somebody actually does it.
On to the topic, wepwawet does deserve recognition for spearheading this idea.


Wait til she rants about her being a female