Forum Likes Problem


So: pic 1: I ran out of likes, and here are the 2 posts above and below my last post in the topic.

Pic 2: I am out of likes, then I press the like button on the post below. It LIKES (small heart in bottom of pic) and shows up the maxed likes box.

Now for pic 3: I like again (now the like is on the post above by destroy8839III) and both posts are liked yet they were done when I had the “max” number of likes.

So now you’ve seen the glitch, what will you do about it?


now refresh.

is this even a supermechs bugs and issue?



Well, there’s no other bugs and issues other than the battledawn one, so I’d say bugs and issues sm was fine. Anyways thanks for helping, it is now fixed (even though it wasn’t much help).