Forum & in game rewards

Something like ingame rewards for forum achievements would be cool and make more players want to join forums.

  • I love this idea!
  • I hate this idea and said why in the thread
  • Neat idea but I posted a better one in the thread

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Good idea its medals for complating special events like unicorn etc.
Cs go have similar system.

Maybe some of those rewards could include what we were promised already from in game tips
"Level up to increase your Inventory size"
among other possibilities.
Give us inventory increase packs.
Give us fuel increase packs.
etc etc etc etc

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It would be a little hard to implement due to the fact that we separated the forums from the game purposefully. So it wouldn’t be automatic, we’d have to do it manually when you hit achievements (and that has room for error). However, I wouldn’t mind getting back to doing some fun things on the forums that gave out little bits of rewards to players ^^


great idea @ToxicDoll , always all positive initiative is welcome!

Maybe add something like prize milestones ( in game ) for beeing active in the forums like:

  • creating a forum account -> 10k gold and 10 tokens

  • beeing in the forum for 1 week ( have to reply 10 times ) -> 35k gold, 25 tokens and a epic

  • beeing in the forum for a month ( have to like 50 posts, replied 30 times and beeing liked 10 times
    ) -> 150k gold, 75 tokens, 2 epics and a legendary

  • beeing in the forum for 4 months ( have to like 250 posts, replied 150 times and beeing liked 50 times )
    -> 500k gold, 250 tokens, a legendary you can choose and a unique cosmetic item

They could do that with BD too :slight_smile:

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