Forum/IG AvaTAR problem


How do i change the in game forum avatar ?

mine is not working its the old forums site avatar, am i stuck with it i hope not.
If so for how long ?


I’m seeing that you have a new avatar from what you had a few hours ago. So should I assume your problem is resolved?


Not yet actually, The problem is the old forum avy. just went back and seen it was closed down no wonder i couldnt get it to work.

The new forum avy system is great actually, i assume it is a matter of time before i can tinker with my in game profile pic again ?

i’m still modifying this avatar btw :smiley:


I change mine all the time, whats the exact issue?

If you want to get to the old forum avatar page to change it, go here:

(You gotta be logged in tho)


I’ve been there and tried it it keeps saying url invalid. I use imgur and followed IIona’s instructions but it wont work.

I was logged in yes. see if you can change it now. warning you might be stuck without an avy for a while if you mess with this one.

The old forums has been shut down so i’m thinking the system just does not work anymore. i’m hoping the staff can work something out eventually. maybe they didnt realize this would affect something as vital as the pure joy of tinkering with your avatar and now its just gone forever lmbo !

what do you use if not imgur that could be the problem idk


Show me a screenshot of the exact error, I think I know your problem :slight_smile:

Edit: oh and can you send the exact url you’re using in the box

#7 aoi (had to space the last 3 or image will showinstead of url)


Use this link instead: (it IS different trust me)

and also clear these two 0’s

to make it completely blank

Hit submit and refresh your game tab and it should work :slight_smile:

lmk if any other issue pops up


it didnt help, same message 6

your link was the same as mine, i guess thats what you ment by it was different.
The old forum avatar system has always been a pain in the you know what.


oops yea use that, the ?6 messes it up lol

gonna make a guide later on how to change it and all the possible issues because i notice this happens a lot ;p


You figured it out :smiley:

Thank you very much i can stop pulling my hair out now !


No problem, I’m here to help


now i can have fun all day modifying this !


Thanks @carter for taking it from where I left. Had a very busy day so couldn’t follow up on him.