Forum Idea - Profile Frames


I was thinking of a way to have a more customizable profile. So I was thinking, that there should be profile frames. They can be set by you, or they will have ones you can earn.
For frames you can do yourself, you will have your own pictures set in, but it will be a larger circle then the profile picture and the frame picture being behind your profile picture.
I would look something like this (Maybe better.)

(Do keep in mind I am not a good sprite maker.)

So yeah. That’s all. There should be a “Forum Update ideas” Section too.


Just make artificial frame, if u need it.
Integrated into your pfp


helllllllllllllllllll yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!
but for those with opinions

  • no
  • needs changes but yes
  • never
  • yes

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There should be a “BE FRIENDS” button.


hm that sound nice but i still dont want it because plague knight might look stupid


To be honest, the simplicity of the forum was done very much so intentionally. User’s still have the ability to customize their profiles a bit, but without it becoming an eyesore to other user’s. One of the things we found with the old forums was that everyone had very differing signatures, with varying colors, designs, sizes, etc. That often caused a large clash of colors and format on the page that all user’s were forced to see.

The current format allows for a single, small customized avatar, which you can click on if you’d like to see more information on a member (and they can customize).


hm i still like mine i kind of like it but some people pic look like weird floating circles how come its a circle