Forum has been boring BEST CLAN LEADER


Who is the best clan leader you have ever had ? I have been in many. BestClan leader was Coco. Littlelost was Littlelost . Reign is Lannister. MrOneTwo Smells was Juan Pipeline. Clantaito was powtaito. When my account was stolen the leader of HTK was Happy Poppers. My favorite leader is too hard to chose. Fluxeon was best leader of HTK even though he never did what he was supposed to…





the only clan ive ever been in, ppl like clicking blurred text


Why are you the best? Sell yourself to the forum.


for me Littlelost was best all the time he always found good players,now my turn I will try :slight_smile:

  1. pegasoto

  2. marija

  3. litttlelost


I miss Peg, Suicide was a very cool clan. In my memory, you left for a Top3 clan, when i joined.
Do you have Peg’s news since the Big Update?




He kept playing a little more … without clan. We meet sometimes in battle. He used to tell me “free win”.

But Pegasoto had his job. I think he finally left the game for his job.

I have always considered him a friend, but also as a leader he had great quality.


Ok, it’s nice for him :), job it’s a new life :slight_smile: !! I saw him in Ranking List, only 3v3 battles, so we can’t speak. He’s a fu##ing good leader and also a great team mate.
I really miss him…
So, good luck for daily league…See you in battle or not (“or not” it’s the best for me …lol)
Cheers Wep and happy new year!!! :wink:


Success for you too! …


how do you not have a 20 character limit? it because you are an editor?


Bunny’s magic.


Y ella? el mejor clan Spanish XD!