Forum Game!



@Yeet wtf


What is the problem? Just a fun game.


No problem lol just funny coincedence

I choose the $1 million cash

Or the free travelling if that means gas for car


Can only pick 1? It’s hard.
I am still thinking about it.


L I F E T I M E F R E E T R A V E L L I N G ! ! !

I am a traveler and somewhat a curious explorer :slightly_smiling_face:


I mean, what’s the point of hanging out with some rich guy for 3 years…

50%??? Why bother when you have guarantee $1 million which is all anyone needs, really

so lifetime travel to save money or the $1 mil to pay off some debts


Sarah, thank you for your involvement in the forum community, it feels like someone in the Tacticsoft staff cares about the players.

And I’d pick $1 million cash since that’s guarantee cash, $ 1 mil is a lot to live off on.


for me money do not make happiness

I choose free life to travel or live an island


I mil cash or free traveling


No point in free travel if you can’t afford shit when you’re there.

Hanging out with bill gates would just get on my nerves after a while. I’d break down and demand to know why the Xbox is the least functional piece of scrap metal on the planet and he’d get all upset.

200mil is tempting but my luck is terrible.

1 mil cash is the choice for me. I could buy about 33,300+ litre bottles of jack with that much.


My God, Misfit! You do love your hard liquor. And here I thought you were going to talk about how you’d spend the $1 mil.


1 million cash so I can spend it all on SM lmao


That is how I’d spend it.

Bet I could get a great bulk buy discount too. Put it all in a big storage locker some place.

That’s the dream.


Alright i would choose 1mil.


:rofl: :laughing: :joy:

That would definitely make the developer happy. :laughing:


That sounds like alcohol for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Food is optional.

Joking aside, that’s some crazy dream you have.


free traveling tho


50% chance for 200 mil


hmm Im going to go through each option.

As for hanging out with the richest person… that Amazon CEO kinda creeps me out, and I dont want to be stuck with that guy for 3 years… so no.
Lifetime free traveling is cool, but traveling wouldn’t fit into my life.

As for the final two, it is a tough decision. 1 million dollars is great, however a chance at 200 million is even greater… but because of my bad luck, I choose the 1 million dollars.