Forum Game. Show your PFPs


Should I REALLY show ALL the pfps I use(d) ?

I’m sure a few of them will make some people grind their teeth…


why not



I’m sure I missed some, and for some time I used the standard one


Nononon ur wrong :crazy_face:


Am i wheat grinder to you huh :crazy_face:


New Profile Picture…

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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  • 10

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What do you mean by that ?


One of the pfp I missed in my previous post, and my current one


why is my old mech there


is that from the game you develop?


This is my developer avatar. Deep within the code every developer has their own avatar. We get one commissioned by the sprite team when we join the game as official developers.

During the world walking animation for home screen, if you are on developer account, your avatar will be the one walking and other developers’ avatar will be waving in background. :smiley:


That’s MY mech that you made a cool cut out and colourised of


Now, pick your favorite

  • The black haired, red eyes face
  • The steampunk skull
  • The red haired girl with “planet lollipops”
  • Two catgirls in the water
  • The icecreams
  • The dark drawing with the blood moon (mainly)
  • The cat with the flower hat
  • The cat in the shopping bag
  • The blonde girl in nightwear
  • The woman drinking coffee
  • The Santa catgirl
  • The person wearing a gradiented dress
  • The girl blowing a kiss
  • The catgirl in the chinese dress
  • The family dressed in black and under the rain
  • The Bloodborne screenshot (the picture at the top of this post)

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funny how u say that while the file name of that image is “KilliN”

the only mech from you that i edited is actually in your profile background, and that one you posted is my mech from the rng tournament


Well I had the same build

Avenger torso painted white shown in inventory matching the rolling beasts to show they used to go together

As you made my background, you asked what my build was so I listed the items