[Forum Game] Dominion v0.1


Year 10


The battles between the three nations on the southern island, as well as the Northeastern island, continue.

A war between Cyanine, and the chicken meme alliance has begun around this time as well. Things are not looking good for Cyanide, as it is two nations against one…


Year 13


As you can see- the Cyanide nation is no longer on the map. Seeing the approaching armies from the two alliances, the dictator may have been plagued with stress- resulting in him fleeing to a far away island in peace- likely living a relaxing existence. Rumor has it that after fleeing, this once powerful dictator found a job fixing power-lines…


Year 15

During this fateful year, it must have been a time of mourning for doggos all around the world- the nation of doggos has fallen to the U.S.S.R. It seems that no matter how adorable these dogs might be, they are no match for Russian Soldiers.

The Star Kingdom and the U.S.S.R, having dealt with their enemy, have declared an alliance. Now, with the doggos defeated, the U.S.S.R sets their hungry eyes on their real enemy- the west.


Year 18

The dictator of the Star Kingdom makes a bold military move and statement by moving a powerful military force onto the the Western island- no doubt angering the dictators of the Chicken-Meme alliance. However- the Star Kingdoms armies no doubt knew they were in danger at this point- camping at the region of F6, the dictator of nekcihC cinomeD led a huge army- larger than this world has seen before- and it was still growing.

In this stage, in a coordinated effort, the Star Kingdom lets go of its territories in the Northeastern island so that he U.S.S.R may control- while the Star Kingdom gets the southern island.


Year 19

At this point, it is obvious that war has begun between the two alliances. The massive army at F6 has reached its largest point- the soldiers camped there are eager for battle.
The Star Kingdoms hold on the Northwest island has been slightly weakened. The Star kingdom now seems focused on taking the entire southern island for the purpose of increased resource production.

In response to recent hostilities in the previous months, the dictator of the meme team decides to form a stronghold on the Northeastern island- while not exactly a concern to the U.S.S.R yet, there is no doubt there was concern- an invasion of Soviet territory by the West was unforgivable.


Year 21
With the forces of the Star Kingdom now eliminated from their home island, the Chicken-Meme alliances now seem to be focusing on expansion, fortification, and bringing the fight to the enemies homeland…

The meme team continues to fortify its two strongholds on the Northeastern lands- effectively delaying a joint attack on the Western islands by the Star and Soviet alliance- however, with the U.S.S.R closing in on the stronghold. there was no doubt that there would be major conflict soon enough.

The Star Kingdom at this point has now maximized its resource production by taking the entirety of the Southern Island. It continues to fortify its front lines, preparing to defend…


Year 23
Of all the years, this may have been the most eventful

In a surprising and risky move, the meme team mobilized its forces from its stronghold, and pushed deep into the U.S.S.R territory, before moving down and targeting a couple areas on the island controlled by the Star Kingdom. It seemed that the main goal of this attack was to effectively halt resource production from the Star Kingdom and U.S.S.R- while keeping the fight far away from home.
In response to this- the Star Kingdom has begun an invasion of the Northwestern island- while it has not made any fortified strongholds, it has effectively cut down on resource production for nekcihC cinomeD.
This attack however left some lands open on the Star Kingdom’s island- which the dictator of nekcihC cinomeD jumped on, and has made a stronghold on the Southern island.

With all these attacks, the only country with resource production not cut down is the meme team- giving them a temporary advantage over the U.S.S.R


Year 24

Facing extreme amounts of stress from having his homeland invaded, the dictator of the Star Kingdom was furiously pacing and forming plans when he misstepped, and fell right out of one of his windows- falling 30 stories to the ground. Without his leadership, was well as conspiracy theories stating it was actually an assassination spreading through his country- the Star Kingdom fell to rubble, leaving the U.S.S.R to fight alone.


Year 27

Following recent attacks, the U.S.S.R has been cut in half by nekcihC cinomeD forces- leaving them at a serious tactical disadvantage.


Year 29

Because of reduced resource production- the U.S.S.R was not able to hold onto its western side. The meme team, with larger armies and more resources was able to take it- although with some casualties.

nekcihC cinomeD’s forces expand their lines on the Northeastern island- increasing the divide and putting the U.S.S.R in a very bad spot.


Year 30

The Chicken-Meme alliance continues to push into U.S.S.R territory- things started looking very grim at this point.

Around this time, riots broke out among citizens of the U.S.S.R- they demanded that their leaders surrender, so that their lives may be spared.
The leaders did not listen.




Year 32- the end of an era

The last of the U.S.S.R has been taken by the Chicken-Meme alliance. Towns of have been burnt to the ground, and countless civilians killed- all because of the incompetence of their leaders.

The prosperous Chicken-Meme alliances now live in peace on their conquered world.

That is the end of this era of warfare- writing history sure is hard XD

Now tell me- was this summary too long, too short, or just right?


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So, any news on Dominion v0.2?


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