Forum Game: Disrespect/Respect the Person Above


I respect you for being a fellow anime fan :slight_smile:


I respect you for not doing


I respect you for being an active forum member. :smiley:


Trolls respects cyanine. You always have a spot with Troll Masters @cyanine


I respect everyone becuz idk.


i re-spec 20 points to your defense stat


@xx_voidcowboy_xx i disrespect you for being an annoying kid and calling me inferior void for no reason, and even playing for longer managing to lose to me. replay code: 1AA09.


I respect you cozyou put effort to read this




I was thinking about my move choices, not taking extra time for no reason. Also, I call you inferior void because we are both in Kong, and it differentiates the two of us in chat.


that’s not what i’m talking about.

no reason.

i disrespect you


Then what do you mean by taking longer?


playing for longer .-.


I was trying till the last second, that’s not rude.


disrespect you all because i’m edgy as ■■■■


I respect you for being just like me :wink: :wine_glass:


I respect you for being in the same country as me


i inspect

20 characters


I Respect you cuz im late


Being late is disrespectful. I respect that