Forum Game: Disrespect/Respect the Person Above


I have respected myself for doing the same thing as KilliN and Elcent have done.


why are we still here…
just to suffer…
every night…
i can feel my leg…
and my arm…
even my fingers…
the body ive lost…


I respect you for posting the same thing as in the “ban the person above” forum game.


i disrespect you for not making another plate of salt topic (preferably about izack)


I respect you for not knowing I was planning on doing it on the flash game version


i disrespect you for asuming i would know that.


I respect you for not assuming you would know that.
I double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple. infinituple respecc you for spelling assume wrong.


i disrespect you for thinking im a brainy boi


I respect you for setting a cute puppy as your profile picture


i disrespect you for not saying who owns this pupper.
(i think it was marija)


I disrespect @Marija for owning such a cute dog and not letting me know about it >:(


i disrespect you for disrespecting the queen of reign (aka queen elisabeth the first)




can we turn this into the respect thread?
i respect you for this gif


I respect you for making me change it :stuck_out_tongue:


I disrespect you all for summoning me here


i disrespect you for involving me in this


I don’t respect you for not noticing I changed the forums :frowning:


i disrespect you for not changing it to disrespect/respect thread


I respect you for clarifying it xd