Forum game bully claw mechs

I bully a lot of claw mechs here is the code: FD9

he was chill about being bullied XD his phone was gunna die :CCCCC so i killed him

post codes of you bulling claw mechs


That is just rude af,I also do that sometimes.


I get claw mechs to quit before fighting me XD

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155A he quit before I could : C

Someone had 2 claw mechs with 2 tontos. Best day ever.

This is a bad game…

you must be a claw user because its a good game for me XD

How bout u getting bullied by energy huggers that has the resistance of the type you use?

Does that sound fun?


(i have dual deso so NRG does nothing although the res might suck)

That’s one for me,gonna bully him rn

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this one is crazy but im the claw player 1dff1


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