Forum Game: Ban the person above


You are banned for changing your name for no reason


your banned for banning me for some thing ridiculous


You are banned for being a hypocritical hyprocrite wailing whale dolphin hippo that likes anime.


You are banned for Bobbilous Bubboliat, whatever that is


You are banned for being a sea Choi.


You are banned for not replying to me but to the topic itself so I don’t get notified


your banned because the last couple posts dont make sense



You’re banned for quoting.


You’re banned for having that ugly as pfp


your banned for quoting some thing


You’re banned for being hypocritical, so I changed my profile picture.


You are banned for taking Yeet


You’re banned for preventing the resurrection of the Yeet Army.


You are banned because there is no more Yeet Religion anymore


You’re banned for being haunted and eventually murdered by the ghosts of the Yeet Army.


You are banned for false accusation, I am not haunted


You’re banned for being memed.


You are banned for that ugly as pfp


You’re banned for insulting Vault Boy.