Forum Game: Ban the person above


You are banned for banning someone who banned you for banning me


you are both banned for double teaming against me


You are banned for making me laugh… :joy::rofl:


You guys are both banned for banning me


You are banned for using my move


You are banned because you posted right after me.


You’re banned for making your lungs sad.


elcent what have you done


You are banned for being extremely unlikeable. You only bring irritation and despair when you post. Everything about you is garbage. Whenever you post, my dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

nah just kidding you cool


you are banned for being the opposite of what you said
(now if you’ll excuse me,im gonna drink 10 bottles of scrumpy and play supermechs)


@Elcent I don’t really wanted to threaten individuals i quit from this topic I banned myself.


You are banned for quitting this topic. No one is allowed to do this. :yum:


You’re banned for eating toothpaste flavoured bacon.


Uou are banned for saying that word. Ew


You’re banned for eating flavoured toothpaste bacon.


Your banned for copying yourself.


.yourself copying for banned Your


Ur banned because idk why I’m bor3d help me I need help medical attention I need mental help omg I am dying ahhh

Eh whatever I still got leftover pizza rolls.


You’re banned for having leftover pizza rolls.


You are banned for begin legendary