Forum Game: Ban the person above


Your banned becuase you posted 2 intros, same day same hour.


You are banned for Mother Russia


You are banned for Father Putin. (could not come up with anything else sorry (You can think of banning me for that (but now I’m banned for thinking you can ban me (now I’m banned for hypothetical reasons! (Now I’m banned for over complicating! (now I’m banned for using too many exclamation marks! (Now I’m banned for inconsistency of capitalized lexicons in the frontmost of my sentences! (Now I’m banned for using complicated words without checking the definitions. (Now I am banned for creating a possible loop)))))


U all are banned if you reply to my comment… . .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh really?

You are banned for threatening individuals.


You’re banned for eating bacon flavoured toothpaste.


you are banned for not typing what pacific person who eaten bacon flavored toothpaste


Zewole ban you for not using the spelling ‘specific’ correctly!


you are banned for being a fox


You are banned, because I am the law and choose to ban you. :stuck_out_tongue:


you are banned for being the law


You are banned because your user name is no_no_here.


You are banned for using my name as a reason.


You are banned because I have no idea what your pfp is


You are banned for not knowing what my pfp is.


You are banned because you are a Tesla trooper


You are banned for looking at my profile.


You are banned because you banned SeanChoi1870


You are banned just cause I banned SeanChoi1870


You are banned because that does not make sence.

Should be: You are banned “for banning me” just cause I banned SeanChoi1870