Forum Game: Ban the person above


You are again banned for not partificating


You are baned for not getting my point


You are banned for not spelling ‘banned’ properly


You’re banned for misspelling participating


just offtopic, i is only 14 XD, At leats someone thinks im a alult after my many years of trying to be intimidating, but always turned out to behave like a kitten -_-


You are banned for being of topic


You are banned for banning yourself, and not letting one of us ban you for that mess of a reply above.


You are all banned for banning that are banning other people for being off topic and that includes yourself.


all of you are bannec because ¡¡¡I AM BACK!!!


I’ll Ban destoyer8.0, because I just don’t like destoyer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just messing @destoyer8.0


You are banned for not giving a proper reason to ban someone.


You are banned for banning me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are banned for useing an emoji.:rage:


You are banned because its 2019


Not for me I am in Canada


You are banned because are in Canada.


You are banned because you like jam and anime and the number 12



You are banned because you don’t know why I have Jam in my user name and why the number 12.


Why do you have jam and 12 in your name?


You’re banned for explaining your name!