Forum Game: Ban the person above


You’re banned for having a profile picture with a person who did that.


you are bnned for not knowing that my PFP its a vampire


You’re vampire is banned for not looking like a vampire.


you are banned, for not knowing the fullbody picture


you are banned for being an unholy being and not really resembling a vampire


You’re banned for insulting the person who made English.


you are banned for cause i want to


im not a unholy begin so you got banned


You’re banned for not changing the profile picture to something better, like this.


you are banned for not mentioning the not resembling a vampire part and for not knowing that vampires are unholy


you two are banned for doing teamwork trying to defeat me


You’re banned for not knowing how to deal with unfairness.


you are banned cause im dealing with that right now
im gonna do arena battle so see you later


You’re banned for not knowing how to do grammar again.


you are banned for leaving
i gotta leave too


im bad so you are banned


youre banned because you are in fact bad


You are banned because I’m angry that all the optics in my favorite shooter game got reworked and the recoil is different. My favorite sight is also ruined, and the sniper scopes seem so weird. It looks like the new sights were ripped straight out of a different game with much better graphics.


You are banned cause i feel sorry for you


You are banned for being so empathetic