Forum Game - Abomination - Released

How this game will work:

I will be giving a few updates each time. I do not really know how these update numbers work, but I will still be doing some updates and item releases.
You will first start off with a basic wooden sword, but you will have stat points.
Your stats always start off with:

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 1
Vitality: 1
Energy: 1
Usable skill points: 20.

Experience points you need will be 100 more experience each time for each level.
The for you to get to level 2, you need 100 exp. You can earn EXP by defeating monsters or completing quests. Quests can be completed one time for each player.
I will be creating a google spread sheet for you guys to see your experience, level, and stats.
You will be receiving items from enemies you defeat in random. The item pull will vary on what enemy you defeat.
If you are inactive for 2 months in this game, your data will be deleted.

What do I do to Move/do an Action?

Here are the list of commands you can do for you to move and do many of the things in this game. (You can put multiply commands in one post. But make sure the order of actions are IN ORDER.)
!Go To [Insert Area Name]
!Buy [Insert Shop Item]
!Fight [Insert Player Name]
!Retreat (Can be done on a player fight or a monster.)
!Return Home (This will use a scroll of the house. Item will be explained in game.)
!Item Description

Other than that, if you want to join this game, then tell me what your name will be in the game. Then I will give you an ID Via PM. DO. NOT. SHARE. THIS. ID.

You will be starting off at the home base, and you will venture out and find what that area is called.

If you have any suggestions for the game, PM me and I will look over the idea.

Precreated Accounts -
Pada - @Padaruyos
Kuro Cyan - @cyanine


Name : Kuro Cyan
Strength : 7 (1 + 6)
Dexterity : 5 (1 + 4)
Vitality : 6 (1 + 5)
Energy : 6 (1 + 5)

(6 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 20)

One question, would you give a starting location or would we give ourselves a starting location?

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You start at the home base. I was going to post a map, but my chromebook camera isn’t working.
Ima have to do it on my phone or I will have to make a very basic one on sketchpad

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Also. Apparently, if you cannot access the google sheet, please do let me know. I will tell you your stats if you do not want to share your gmail!

Uh, hello?


i already finished this game. fought all the bosses, did the sidequests, slain the dragon, saved the princess, got a sword twice as tall as me, etc

im basically lvl 100
all stats 500

Sorry for the revive, but is this game still on?

Seems I’m not the only one who gets blamed for reviving topics XD
By the way , I’m not sure , since it’s the first time I see this topic .