Fortune Boxes were nerfed?

I’m not sure since when, but as I started playing more after the New Year almost each fortune box I get contains RARE (blue) items! In last 10 fortune boxes I had only 1 epic, I could only dream about legendary. Even normal MIX boxes from RamBoy are better now, because they give epics more frequently than fortune boxes !
In the previous year most Fortune Boxes were containing epics, with a very little chance of legendary. The loot change is significant.
I think someone very poorly designed those changes - now there is a very rare box, which contains crap. Is it kind of trolling ?

the higher level you are , the better drops you get.

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Do you suggest that in previous year I had higher level than now ?


The higher level thing isn’t true at all.

Every week I get around 30-40 fortune boxes on my main and maybe 1-2 of them are legs. lvl 106 main.

An alt I threw away a few days ago, about lvl 20-ish, got reckoning, ash creator, plat plate within 2 days of it’s existence.

I really wish the devs would give us the numbers to bloody tell. That or tell us how RNG effects us.

Yeah… i find that myth(as in urban legend) rhat lvl influences your drop chances total BS.
Haven’t landed a legendary in RB in ages.
And i am lvl 150… only thing i see more common then befor are epics…
And i do keep a log of the drops… atm 150 runs on it and still no yellow card.

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I’ve gotten quite a few on throwaway alts (testing), and rarely do I get any on my mains. Which bugs me, because I farm like mad on those day in and day out

bueno hace unos dias me toco legendaria en la caja de la fortuna ° amarillo° me toco un dron arcangel y un item raro ° no recuerdo que fue pero no importa ° creo que es las probabilidades que te toque una legendaria en la caja de la fortuna es el doble a la que te puede tocar en la premiun box o premiun pack :v saludos

i dont speak spanish,

Not a single fb from past 4-5 days

XD ok ok, I had forgotten ° as I translate the page I had forgotten ° well I wanted to say this: well a few days ago I play legendary in the box of fortune ° yellow ° I play a drone arcangel and a rare item ° I do not remember it was but it does not matter ° I think it’s the odds that you play a legendary in the box of fortune is the double that you can play in the premiun box or premiun pack: v greetings

This is not true. URBAN LEGEND.

Can someone tell me where are dating more “fortune box”? I usually play BB in hard mode (consumption per day about 3 refill) and I don´t see fortune box in days nor by chance …

Ramboy, normal mode, drops the most per day/per week for me. So I just farm that constantly. Although be wary of your first couple runs, you won’t always be lucky. But GL

Also @Sarah247 are you agreeing with the fact LVL has nothing to do with box drops?

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I think she answered this already …

Well obviously she was, I was just confused about it when she tagged me. Thought she said what I was saying wasn’t true. But eh, forget about it.